About Triple P Logistics Hawkes Bay

Paul and Ian have been running JMP Holdings/Basepoint a successful online trading company and realized that there was friction in the logistic industry that didn’t suit their businesses needs. They came across many other businesses in similar situations to there’s

That’s why Paul and Ian took over Triple P Logistics to help business owners in similar situations to them.

Triple P Logistics Hawkes Bay

Along the way, they have successfully managed to secure attainable courier contracts, container shipping and client contracts to continue their success. They have enhanced the multi-purpose built facilities to make Triple P the perfect destination for your logistic and warehousing needs.

They plan to continue to run their successful kiwi locally-owned and operated business based in the transport hub / industrial area of Napier, Hawke’s Bay. + continue to help many businesses with their logistic and storage needs so then the business owners can focus on growing and maintaining the business.

Triple P is a subsidiary of JMP Holdings.

Triple P Logistics / 3 PL (3pl company) is based in Onekawa – Napier – Hawke’s Bay.

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